All Natural Cold Pressed Pecan Oil

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  • 250 mL Bottle Natural Pecan Oil
  • $16.95
Our newest pecan product, cold pressed, 100% natural, virgin pecan oil is the perfect addition to you kitchen. Like extra virgin olive oil our pecan oil is pressed without the use of Chemicals, Solvents Extreme heat Pecan Oil still has the natural, buttery flavor of pecans and one of the bet fat profiles of any cooking oil on the market. It is one of the healthiest cooking oils available due to its low saturated fats and high mono- and polyunsaturated fats. Pecan oil can helps improve Heart health Skin and hair health Cholesterol levels Fuel the body naturally Pecan Oil is one of the most versatile culinary oils on the market! With a smoke point of 470 degrees it is great for: Searing Sautéing Stir frying With its natural flavor, pecan oil also serves as an incredible butter substitute. Bake Drizzle Dip Pecan oil can be used in every recipe! Pecan oil contains only half the saturated fat of extra virgin olive oil (7%). Monounsaturated fat makes up 65% and polyunsaturated fat makes up the remaining 28%. Along with this healthy fat profile, pecan oil contains: More ellagic acid than red raspberries and More polyphenols than extra virgin olive oil and red wine combined. Pecan oil also has just as much selenium per ounce as yellowfin tuna.